Xlab – X-strike CO2 kit

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Support à cartouches de CO2 X-Strike, de Xlab.
Simple and discrete the most unobtrusive method of carrying upto 4 CO2 cartridges, the XLab X-Strike CO2 Kit mounts to your XLAB Carbon Wing 400i, Delta , Super Wings carrier or just as easily attaches to any standard water bottle cage mount. Freeing up space in your bag the X-Strike holds 12,16, and 20-gram cartridges, so perfect for a wide range of tyre pressures. Close to hand and with a secure anti reverse rubber ring attachment means the CO2 cartridges wont rattle or fall out on rough roads.

Inclus : support à cartouches CO2 uniquement (cartouches, porte-bidon, selles etc. non inclus).

VENTES FINALES. Veuillez noter qu'il n'y aura aucun retour ou remboursement d'offert (vente finale, liquidation d'inventaire).

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